GMS PANO is the undisputed leader of the sector with its expert staff of more than 60 employees and two technological production facilities.

In our 3500m² metal processing and paint facility, we perform the breaking, forming, classifying, and coding processes of stainless and galvanized metal sheets in accordance with the IEC62208 panel standard, in our latest technology new machine track, with Industry 4.0 application.

All of the parts are passed through the reverse osmosis treatment system on the 170-meter process tunnel conveyor line and the four-bath surface cleaning line featuring nano technology and dried in the drying furnace. By means of laser barriers in painting cabins, electrostatic powder painting processes are performed with X-Y-Z robot technology, then after passing through the cooking oven, painting processes are terminated, parts are classified, and sealing process is performed in polyurethane seal cast machine according to IEC60529 standard. In the barcode system, barcodes are read out and installed, making the panels ready for electro-assembly.

Electrical designs of panels in 1000m² electro-assembly plant applications and product selection are made according to IEC6149-1/2, IEC61641, IEC60068-3-3, IEC60980, EDF-BTR 91C112, EPRUK standards; projects are made according to RDS system according to IEC81346-1/2 standard, cable colorings are made according to power and control voltages as per IEC 60204-1 standards.

With the experience of designing and projecting the boards of 50 energy (thermal, HES, GES, RES, biomass) power plants with a total installed power of 5500 MW, we are proud to be a company held up as a successfull example by international foreign companies in the electricity sector with the best price and the best quality product policy.