GMS Pano was founded by Mesut Tontas in 2012 to be the leading company in the panels sector.

We have started to implement the experience we have gained in the panels sector since 1998 with the GMS Pano brand as a requirement of development and perfectionist growth. We proudly present our high-level production to our solution partners by making them feel our business discipline and quality from the moment they step into our facilities.

Starting with the idea “the tool works, the hand prides!”, we have attained today a competence to use all the professional production technologies in our own facility. All our devices and tools used for quotations, projects, manufacturing, and testing deliver professional solutions with the latest technologies. In all the products we manufacture, we catch high-quality standards while using the latest technologies.

When choosing the raw material we use in our products, we act according to the principles of reasonable pricing, non-fault, and long service life. For this reason, we choose all parts we use in our production carefully, from the smallest screw to the sheet metal. We do not use poor quality and non-long-lasting materials preferred by domestic and foreign manufacturers to reduce production costs. This enables us to reach the highest quality in our GMS branded panels.

Because of the attention we pay to all our business partners, workers, and products, we establish long-term relationships with all our solution partners that we once started working with, and we increase our production by increasing our contracts every day. We inform all our solution partners with our engineer/consultant colleagues about the latest regulations, standards, and technologies, and recommend the necessary adjustments and arrangements accordingly. In this way, we become the leading organization that has been mentioned frequently all over the world.

Our production facilities have been examined by many of our solution partners, both foreign and domestic, who praised these by saying they had never seen such a facility in this sector before. In line with these accolades, we pay utmost attention to producing all the orders we receive with the highest standards, despite our customers’ requests for minimum standards of manufacturing and low price policies.

As GMS Pano, we regard all the contracts we draw up together with our partners and employees as the contract of our lifetime cooperation and we pay the same attention to all our production regardless of whether it is big or small.

Reasonable Pricing

We do not compromise on quality and high standards while producing at reasonable prices for all the products we offer.

High Quality

We use high quality raw materials in all the products we produce through our R&D studies.

Advance Technology

We use the technology of the future in all the products we produce with our high-tech tools.

Satisfied Customer

Thanks to the tight relationships established by our solution partners, we are increasing our happy customer network every day.